My name is Jocelyn Rhynard and I am a candidate for the Dayton Board of Education.

We need a School Board that has a balance of parents and community leaders. Out of the seven sitting Board members, only one is a parent of children currently in Dayton Public Schools. Parents who serve on a School Board are more in tune with the specific educational and emotional needs of children. Our city, with its very wide range of challenges, needs parents to serve on the Board to ensure that their children, with every single vote and policy decision, are truly putting children first.

As a Board member, my two responsibilities are 1) overseeing the hiring of the Superintendent and Treasurer, and 2) overseeing the finances and policy of the district. In effect, I will hire the right people and give them the right tools to succeed.

My priorities as a Board member are a reflection of what I have observed as a regular attendant at Board meetings:

  • I will ensure that the transportation of our children to and from school is working properly, the fleet is maintained, and routes are managed properly, so that the problems DPS faced last year will not happen again.
  • Hold regular deliberate discussions with parents and community members in all quadrants of the city.
  • Regularly visit all of the schools in Dayton so I can be truly informed of the different needs and concerns in the district.
  • Hold the students to the high standards that I know they are capable of reaching.
  • Hold the district, teachers, coaches, and administrators accountable for their actions.
  • Protect and maintain the buildings and facilities we already have.
  • Emphasize the need for regular program evaluations and public reports so that we can measure the success of new programs and initiative and increase confidence in the ability to serve Dayton students.
  • The greatest indicator of student success is parent involvement. I want to increase parent involvement at a school level so that parents can learn how to help their children succeed at school and in life.
  • Collaborate more effectively with other city organizations and leaders, as well as the business community. Partnerships with business partners in Dayton can lead to stronger school leaders and students prepared for both college and careers.
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